Love’s Air


I inhale your love

feeling it’s refreshing air

sweet fragrant air

flowing through me

it empowers me

with it’s energy

the oxygen of love


breathe it in

exhale it

feel it

Sweet morning air

so pure

so refreshing

love’s air




It is the purest air of all

like sweet mountain air

that’s crisp, cool and sweet

i breathe it in

from my head to my feet

I exhale it’s impurities

which leaves only pure air

flowing through me


I can’t breath without you

I can’t live without your air

Love’s air

My heart is on fire with passion

and the air fuels it’s fire

in my heart in this fashion


my love you are my oxygen

that keeps my blood flowing

you are everything to me

without you knowing

you are my air

love’s air

that keeps me alive

with you I thrive