melancholy shadows

I see melancholy shadows on the wall

they are not smiling though I cannot see

through the dark veil of sadness that lurks in the night

with only my dreams to comfort me

dashing dodging images

flashing fleeting memories 

floating in the darkness around

I reach out to touch them in the air

and grab the dreams of yesteryear

yet they suddenly disappear

i lie awake till dawn

and suddenly the images are gone

as the dawn chases the orbs away

now comes a brand new day

 as the sun appears bringing it’s warmth

shining hope through my blinds

as the clouds disappear

from my mind in the light of day

chasing all the sorrows away


Tomorrow never shows

Tomorrow never seems to show

it’s face never shows in the morning

while for it we have been longing

for a better day to arrive

all our hopes and dreams are still alive

hoping for tomorrow to come

bringing a brighter day

to come our way

but when we awake

tomorrow never shows

it’s elusive face

it hides behind the clouds

while we sit and wonder

and worry all day

trying to catch our elusive dreams

along the way

for tomorrow is today

and what we make of it

is what it is

no promises of rainbows

that will come our way

we just have to live

day by day

as if tomorrow

will never show