ETCHINGS OF THE HEART ‘Dreams and Visons’

ImageI i am so happy to announce that my book Etchings of the Heart, which is a heartfelt book full of poems is now published!  This book is 273 pages full of profound poems that are romantic as well as inspirational. Some are somewhat dark but meaningful.  I am very pleased at how my book came out with the help of i universe that helped design the inside of the book and the cover with my input on the images.   Thanks to all that encouraged me and backed me in my endeavor.     my book is available on and Barnes and Noble on the web as well as on the i universe web site.   also it is available on   In the UK now…… it will eventually be available around the world!  Spread the word!




Moody Nights

I paint the sky tonight,

with shades of black and midnight blue,

the saddest hues!


I see the sparkle in your eyes,

that lights the skies,

and lights up my life.


The dark shade of night,

hides my frown,

like a crescent moon,

turned upside down.

Melancholy air of despair,

haunts my dreams now,

that rise in the air.


Night time seems forever,

locked in a moment of time,

without a trace of sunshine,

to warm my heart.


I only see dark,

Moody Nights,

No love in sight.

Mood Indigo


Mood Indigo

Why am I feeling the mood indigo

that follows me wherever I go

shades of violet and blue

embers of sparking tremors

embrace my nights in fright

Indigo Blue nights

with fires burning bright

fire on water

makes a sad sound

that steams up soul windows

that obscures our sight

and sends a smoke of despair

into the midnight air

I’ll fly in the mid day sun

above its firey light

escaping into azure skies

where my indigo blue

turns into shades of joy

shadowed by the Indigo blue

a wonderful but sad hue

to live in,

to love in,

to be in ,

forever blue.

My newly published book ‘Etchings of the Heart’ ‘dreams and visions,now on Barnes and Noble


My new book of poetry the is a fantastic array of poetry from the Heart, the intertwines mythical characters with modern poetry. The poems give a mystical and magical feel to the topics of love of all kinds.  This unique book of magical poems will take you on a journey into a surreal world where nothing is real except for what you feel…  Follow me on a  journey with me and read my book soon!

Etchings of the Heart… my new book is available on amazon in the US and the UK

Greetings!   I am so happy to announce that my book of poetry is available on amazon .com here in the USA and in the UK.   It is also available on Barnes and noble as well.  I don’t know the site names for the links in Germany, France and Italy.  I guess I will find out soon.       s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1350601229&sr=1-1&keywords=etchings+of+the+heart                                                 >>>   USA    >>>> (UK)

Don’t send me away…. (a fetus cries)

Don’t  send me away

Mom, I heard you talking today,

You and daddy want to send me away.

I just got here,

Did you think I wouldn’t hear?

How do you think I feel?

That you don’t want me.

I let out a silent cry

You couldn’t hear me

I need comforting

And to feel you close to me

I can hear your heartbeat

Can you hear mine?

It may be tiny, but it’s beating loud

Don’t wrap me in a shroud

Why don’t you give me a chance?

To live and breathe and dance,

You won’t be sorry I came

You’ll see when I am born

You will know my name.

I don’t want to go!

I don’t want to go!

I’ll be lonely in heaven,

Waiting there for you.

The angels will rock me,

And sing me a lullaby,

But I will always cry,

When I look down at you,

And miss you.

Can you hear me cry?

I don’t want to go!

I don’t want to go!

Don’t make me go!

Mom and Dad,

Please don’t send me away!

I can only pray.

I need to be loved!

I was sent from heaven above,

To bring you love!


Creation wrapped in beautiful colors of Love

Yesterday I received my proof copy of my newly published book  ‘Etchings of the Heart’ in the mail. This is my first published book of poetry. I welcomed my

Etchings of the Heart.

new-born baby and held her for the first time.  She was wrapped in a beautiful blanket of all shades of purple.  I cradled her in my arms and couldn’t stop gazing at her.  I can’t wait to show her off to the whole world soon.  She has been born again from another place and time and possesses the wisdom of ancient people of old. When she starts to talk, everyone will know that what i say is true……. or is it just an illusion?