Good Friday

In the Christian Faith today is called good friday

I never understood why it was called good

Salvation came at a huge cost

for this man to give his life

for us sinners who know it’s true

without today

many of us would be damned

to the burning fires of hell

every day is a struggle

to follow the golden rule

Thank You Jesus, my Lord

for Good Friday

though it wasn’t a good day for you

to suffer and die the  way you did

for poor souls like me

that you forgive


Pause life



Life at fast pace

Press the Pause button




Life is a mess



Place problems on hold

Life is for the bold

not for the weak

take time for kindness

along the meandering road of life

apart from the stress and the strife

it doesn’t hurt to be nice

a kind word goes a long way

to make or break someone’s day

and at the end of the day

pray and to yourself say

I did something good today!

The center of your universe


You with your arrogant airs

you think you are special

that you know it all

they say Pride comes before the fall

you practiced well,your lines and verses

You are the center of your universe

all the world revolves around you

All your esoteric ideas and views

you tried to prove that you knew

like Copernicus of  days of olde

that you  have discovered

the center of the universe

but within you it seems to lie

you have seen the light

so you say

but that light is flickering

from all your hot air

and pretentious ways

in every thing you say

You are a king

a  supernatural being

with supernatural  powers

to make the world turn

and revolve around you

around and  around

’till all you hear is the sound

of your own voice saying

I am special

and in the mirror

the image you are portraying

you alone, your best friend

all alone, in the end

in the center of your universe

your own best friend

alone, in the end

I Fear

Why do I fear

when you draw near

I fear

you can hear

my heart beating

for I fear

I may disappear

when you’re not there

if you don’t care

I fear

your reaction

the attraction

so I introvert

within myself

I fear hurt

I fear pain

and to love again

I fear feelings

Hearts need healing

I fear rejection

I fear our connection

I fear the magic

and of an ending tragic

I fear tears

I fear love

I fear desire

of what could transpire

should our hearts meet

I fear

the attraction I cannot stop

of the emotion

like a tidal wave

on the ocean

when you are near

for I fear


Sculpture of Love

Poem by G. Marie Clay (c.) Copyright 2010


With these hands I mold your image

with clay I  play

and a fine knife to carve your features

with all the love I have today

the image I wish to portray

strike a pose

let me remember always your face so dear

to behold when you are not here

as the artists hand gently creates

images that they make

how can I but recreate the beauty

the image before my eyes

for in your heart your beauty lies

i can carve your body

but not your soul

I look closely at the statue I made

of my love

and put on the finishing touches

puzzled, i realize something is wrong

of course it’s the heart of stone

this i cannot clone

i walk away with a sigh

for a statue cannot cry


Why, Oh why,

do I cry

at weddings

at funerals

at graduations

watching sad movies

and happy movies

when a baby is born

at the beauty of the sunrise

and the sunset

when love goes wrong

when I hear a sad song


Is the earth round

is the sky blue

you’ve heard these words before

and now you can hear it once again

there is no answer

there is no question

there are no explanations

for these sensations


I cry

a sentimental soul

Am I

I cry!

for I am


A silly poem… Smile!


you happy to see me?

A bit of comedy

tired of all the sadness

and tragedy

the world has to give

Let’s just live and let live

Laugh, love and smile

Drink,and be merry

without but a worry

slow down, try not to hurry

enjoy the fresh air

and the warm wind blowing

through your hair

live like you don’t have ever a care

Smile at your fellow man

passing by on the street

smiles are contagious

you never know

they might just smile back

and say:


you glad you made me smile!