From the pits of hell I arise

I took a journey on the dark side

and found myself in the pits of hell

with no where to hide

in the bottomless pit I fell

with no warning or sign

I stumbled into his web

lured by the feast offered

and the prize was fed

little did I know the price I’d pay

for being in this hell where i was led

Seaching for an escape

from this complicated maze

I’m wandering like a cat without a head

not knowing which way to be led

I cry out for help from the depths of my misery

with no compassionate soul to hear me

I pray for the gods to help me

they seemed to be sleeping

I am so lost

filled with terror

of never finding home again

for what was my sin

Awake Oh Gods above

lead me out of this abyss

to a land of milk and honey of bliss

never again to roam

my peace of mind that I miss

I will find again

in the valley of kings

where I shall have everything

that I have been searching for

In the arms of truth and love

I’ll embrace life anew

like a embryo in the womb

emerging from it’s watery bed

I escape now from the dark tomb

where banshee’s cry

where I am buried alive

traces of light again

as I rise through the mud

with the earth on my skin

I have escaped in terror

still trembling and cold

I walk like a zombie

so the story has been told

but I am alive

breathing life’s air

I start to talk

and walk

where the righteous walk

on clouds of heaven

where they lay their head

with a sword of truth they are fed

amoungst the living

and not of the dead!


New Beginnings

Just when your world seems to be ending

when your life is vanishing into the sun

the miracle of a new beginning has begun

Some call it a second chance

go find our dreams

in the sun and rain we will dance

A new season

without rhyme or reason

to just go with the flow

like the mountain streams

as we search for our dreams

For every beginning has to end

so we can start all over again

Our new beginnings has just begun

to find our day in the sun

A second chance we are given

if we are the lucky ones

No need to fear

Love may appear

as we can see clearly now

as the fog has lifted from our minds

revealing the truth that we now find

A new beginning

it’ finally time

to make things right

before it slips out of sight

like the setting sun

a new day has begun