THE ONE (c.) Copyright 2013 Giovanna Sclafani

So you think you have found the one
The one that makes your head spin
To be your beginning and end
Your heart is pounding like drums
Every time you speak
Your body becomes weak
And you tremble when he is near
Panic comes over you
And you get an overwhelming fear
You just can’t let go
Afraid to fall
So afraid that you will fall
So far down
That you’ll never get up again
As you go crashing down
So far down
To the ground

Please tell me that you’ll catch me
Should I fall?
And not break me
Or my heart
And that’s a start
You just don’t know
You have no idea
Of how deep I feel
It’s so unreal
Like deja vu
You get it too

I felt our souls collide
The moment we met
Like some sort of Kismet
Love that lived before
Has returned once more

I am gutted
And can’t think
I can’t sleep
Can’t eat
I fear
When you are near
That you won’t care
My heart sinks
But continue to think
Of how wonderful it could be
For you and me

Oh how wonderful
It would be
To be entwined
Your heart and mind
Just like old times
From long ago
I really think so.

Tell me true
Don’t you long for it too?
It’s like Deja Vu
You know it’s true
You cannot run and hide
Love will capsize and energize
A love that never dies
Has come back to haunt us
Then taunts us
In its revelry
Of what could be

Soul Mates
‘Tis our fate
You cannot fight,
You just cannot fight
It will take you down
And toss you around
Again and again
And torment your mind
Until you finally resign
You have to admit
What you are feeling
And let it in
then it can begin,
Let the light in once more
From the one that you adore.
Lovers forevermore.

by Giovanna Sclafani   copyright 2013Image


Leave it all behind (c.)2013 Giovanna Sclafani

181627_485426341530442_1743186754_nLeave it all behind
Lost in time
Lost in space
Lost in this place
Called the human race.It’s a dog eat dog world
With our ego’s all intact
And our heads in a swirl
And that’s a fact

Good versus Evil
Who will win the race?
And cross the finish line first,
Pushing and shoving money in their face
Greed is the driving thirst.

So you’ve won,
Before they’ve begun.
You’ve won the grand prize,
A stack of money green.
But love you’ve never seen.
So you run and hide.
In your island in the sun,
While the jealous one’s chide,
Your life has just begun.

Can your wealth bring love?
Can you really know this is true?
Leave it all behind when you die,
For the reapers are never shy
To steal it all away
Hurdled in corners dark
Waiting to get their part
While you lay in a cold dark tomb
They will spend your wealth
With sins done in stealth.

And your cold body now shivers,
To the naked bones where you lie,
On the day that you die
You’ll leave it all behind
Never mind to worry
Never you mind
You’ll have to leave it all behind.

by Giovanna Sclafani (c.)2013

Photo: Leave it all behind</p><br />
<p>Lost in time<br /><br />
Lost in space<br /><br />
Lost in this place<br /><br />
Called the human race.</p><br />
<p>It's a dog eat dog world<br /><br />
With our ego's all intact<br /><br />
And our heads in a swirl<br /><br />
And that’s a fact</p><br />
<p>Good versus Evil<br /><br />
Who will win the race?<br /><br />
And cross the finish line first,<br /><br />
Pushing and shoving money in their face<br /><br />
Greed is the driving thirst.</p><br />
<p>So you've won,<br /><br />
Before they've begun.<br /><br />
You've won the grand prize,<br /><br />
A stack of money green.<br /><br />
But love you've never seen.<br /><br />
So you run and hide.<br /><br />
In your island in the sun,<br /><br />
While the jealous one's chide,<br /><br />
Your life has just begun.</p><br />
<p>Can your wealth bring love?<br /><br />
Can you really know this is true?<br /><br />
Leave it all behind when you die,<br /><br />
For the reapers are never shy<br /><br />
To steal it all away<br /><br />
Hurdled in corners dark<br /><br />
Waiting to get their part<br /><br />
While you lay in a cold dark tomb<br /><br />
They will spend your wealth<br /><br />
With sins done in stealth.</p><br />
<p>And your cold body now shivers,<br /><br />
To the naked bones where you lie,<br /><br />
On the day that you die<br /><br />
You’ll leave it all behind<br /><br />
Never mind to worry<br /><br />
Never you mind<br /><br />
You’ll have to leave it all behind.</p><br />
<p>by Giovanna Sclafani (c.)2013

A purple Rose from an angel!

Well anyone that knows me would know that I love the color purple. I love all shades of Purple and have even written a poem about it. Purple is a mysterious color and is the color for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and is the color of royalty from ancient times. Priests also wear this color to signify the passion of Christ and repentance.

I just love the color and that’s really all it is.  But I am a spiritual person who believes in spiritual and supernatural experiences that I have had myself. That is another story well sort of.

I had been having a terrible day recently and everything seemed to be going wrong that day. I had terrible pain in my leg from a burn wound that I had obtained right before New Years and a second degree burn which are very painful and slow to heal. My burn is on my leg and was the size of the palm of your hand;a large hand.  I was so exhausted and pain ridden and by the end of the day, I was ready to fall into my bed soon when my grandson found a silken purple rose in the living room. I told him”where did that come from” ?  He said that he didn’t know but found it there. I asked if it belonged to his mom and if she left it here. He said no, it’s not hers. I was perplexed at this and asked my grandson to follow me with the rose into my bedroom and I’d show him why. On my dresser, in a vase was an identical real rose that was wilted and dried.  Only this new rose that he found was silk and had a white colored stem and leaves.  When he placed it in the vase along side of the other purple rose, it wilted down exactly like my other real purple rose… My grandson said ‘Look it’s doing the same thing as the other rose’

Now for most people they would say Oh well, it’s a coincident but for me it was like an angel sent me a ‘hug’ that i needed after having a horrible day. Silly? You say?  Maybe! But  since I do love purple and I adore roses, it made me happy!  And for me, that day, it meant everything.  I felt like it was a hug from an angel… I believe in the supernatural but therein lies a long story for later.Image

Heart Chords (C.) Copyright 2013 by Giovanna Sclafani


Heart Chords

I want to live in your song

And linger on every line

And savor each chord divine

That plays so softly

On my heart strings

I want to live in your song

with all the beauty it brings

That touches my heart so gently

Like your silken touch on the keys


As I linger on every note you play

I inhale every breath

On each and every rest

And in every word that you say


As the music resounds

And touches my soul

My heart is beating like the drums

That I hear in your song

And the guitar you sweetly strum


I savor every word that I hear

As you sing your song so dear

The sad chords that make me bleed

As I shed many a lonely tear

As the chorus rises with power and might

That gets me through the long and lonely night


As I cross the bridge my heart soars

Like the crashing waves on the shore

That flow now within me in this melody


I want to live in your song and never depart

On each chord brings such beauty

That resides now in my heart

In every note that you breathe

I feel such love and tenderness

I long to live in your song

And never ever leave


As I linger on each chord

And savor it’s beauty

That makes my heart sing

As you play your strings

And the mellow sounds of bass

My pain it does erase


Oh how I long to reside in your song

And never leave this place

It’s like heaven’s embrace

And is where I want to be

To live in your song for eternity

Pandora’s box

Life can be cruel,

no one said it would be!pandoras-box

Love can be even crueler,

no one said it wouldn’t be.

They have painted love

to be roses and hearts,

and dreams that come true.

Reality paints dreams blue,

with broken hearts askew.

Can elusive truths emerge?

for lovers that converge,

upon lifes secrets,

that the gods have sealed,

in pandora’s box,

only to guard love’s secret,

a metamorphasis of souls,

joined together in aqua skies,

bounded by lies,

spirits ascended,

as we watch them arise

from pandora’s box

You can’t see me (sad song)

You turned away

and were gone

taking with you my song


you couldn’t stay

‘Cause you’re not free

what does it matter

What does it matter to me

well it just means everything

everything to me


I hope you’d stay

but you’re not free

now there’s nothing left

nothing left for me

because you can’t see

No you just can’t see me


I wrote you a note

I know that you knew

that I had high hopes

but hopes can’t survive

without you near

If only you could hear

my heart cry

a love so true

like you really knew


Now I’m feeling blue,

Oh so blue, without you.

Oh do you ever give me a thought,

late at night.

Do you ever think of what could be,

If only you could stay,

Oh how beautiful it would be.

It would be like a dream come true,

Oh what a dream!

what a dream for me and you,

it would be like heaven,

But we can’t be in heaven now.

we’ll just have to wait somehow,

for heaven!november-sunset-on-the-gulf-2

Fly into the dawn Copyright 2012 (c.)

270714_1801841615130_1512531919_31356007_4210203_nThe blinding light awakens me in dawn
peeking through my open window

The grass is glistening with morning dew

My feet feel it’s refreshing raindrops new

As I tread softly on it’s emerald bed

The beauty of the new day fills my head

I twirl and dance and sing in the light of the sun

Freedom feels so free in the morning breeze

The birds sing a sweet sound to me

I pick a rose for you and chase away the bees

Love is in the air

As I fly without a care

Here, there and everywhere

My feet never touching the ground

As I fly, as I fly, so high

My heart sings a joyful sound

As I soar across the sky