I am a music lover first of all who was influenced by the music of my youth which was the music of the sixties,seventies and eighties. The lyrics of my favorite artists have been my sole inspiration to write. I have been writing poetry for the past seven years now and finally have written and published my first book of poetry called ‘Etchings of the Heart’ and Dreams and Visions of  Love.   It’s hard to believe that I really did it! I am an author now!  I have now written lyrics to a song that I wrote for Nigel Spencer called ‘Sad Chords Goodbye”  He sang the vocals and created all of the music for this song.   Also,I am working on some spoken word poetry collaborations with another musician which is in the works now.  A lot of exciting things happening for me now.. It’s never too late to find your dreams.  I am just beginning to realize this now!  I am enjoying writing blogs and reading blogs here. It’s great!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Poetry is such a beautiful way of communicating feelings and emotion. I wish I was better at it. Thank you so much for following my blog. I really like yours!

    • I’m not sure it is as much courage as it is just madness ha! Actually I am very insecure about this and struggle with it daily but yet I continue to write. I suppose that takes some courage to put yourself out there for scrutiny. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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