Skies of Thanksgiving

Milky skies with clouds of gloom,

today fill my room.

Apricot haze bastes the sky

as the pregnant clouds pass by.

The cold chill of Autumn,

sends an ache to my heart,

like arthritis  to my bones.

I am Thankful for today,

even though dreary,

I have my family nearby me.

I look to the future,

and say, come what may.

I am Thankful for many things,

but things don’t make us happy.

Clinging to life with undulating hopes,

And prisms of colorful dreams,

that seem to split at the seams,

after a Thanksgiving dinner,

and I say to myself,

I am a winner!


I can’t take it anymore,the Holidays that is!

   Everyone is running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off

They’re trying to find the best deals at the mall,

Instead of being Thankful for what we had

they’re running around mad


Black Friday?

What a name!

Is this world going insane,

They’ll be pushing and shoving at the mall

trying to get the deals before them all.


Now I hope that I am not sounding like a scrooge

Baah Humbug to all the Christmass cheer

It’s not that at all

I remember a time,

when Christmass wasn’t measured in presents,

Today the kids want the pricey gifts

just look at their lists,

they’re a mile long

I pads, I phones, computers, games

designer clothes and it goes on and on.


I just can’t take it anymore

I’m waiting for the mail

you won’t see me in the store

after Thanksgiving

I’ll order online

and be fine


I need to move to a place,

where people are happy to have anything

a good meal would suffice

for the Holidays

and a surprize for the little one’s

in their sock on Christmass morn


I just can’t take it anymore

Does anyone care about the real meaning of Christmass?

Peace and Love for one

for our fellow man.

The Calm after the storm *Copyright 2012 by Giovanna Clay-Ochoa

There is a storm brewing within me,

Feelings flowing on the waves of the sea,

that are rippling and crashing within me,

That are as deep as the ocean and emerge from it’s floor,

Polluted by the bitter algae there.

Why should I care?

When I can just brush it off and be rid of it!

But it sticks to me like glue,

This feeling like the ocean blue.

Should I purge this toxin from within?

Feelings that sting, like needles and pins.

Will my soul not be battered by this?

If I could only erase the memory of the kiss,

The one of Judas that betrayed me,

I’ll emerge from my stormy sea,

That crashes on my stormy shores,

Where they’ll see me nevermore.

The calm that comes before and after the storm,

Like my soul reborn.

Returns once more.Image

Birds that flock together and fly free

I saw in a vision a hundred birds in flight,

right before I fell asleep at night,

eye lids closed,

I fall into a mystical land,

of dreams and visions.

I awake and am late

so I hurry on my way.

I see the flock of birds again,

with eyes wide open,

what could it mean,

they scattered right in front of me,

like deja vu,

I somehow knew,

that it must be a sign of sorts,

like a piece to a puzzle,

that I have yet to solve.

Today I cried

I heard an old song

that brought back memories

from my youth that died.

Mama, Mama

I miss you

you miss me

one day we’ll be free

like the birds that flew by me.Image

Oh Canada, here I come? Maybe Not!

ImageWell, I heard something interesting on the radio today!  Some people that were unhappy with the election here said that if the candidate that they hoped would win, lost the election that they were moving to Canada.  Well guess what?  Think again.  Canada may not want you!

Sure you can get a passport and visit Canada for up to six months maybe, but unless you have a promise of a job there, or money to invest there they will not allow you to stay there.  They are very picky about who they allow to live there.  They basically don’t want our rejects and I can honestly say, I don’t blame them.  They have National Health Care there, and don’t need any more tax burdens on their society.  Their taxes are even higher than here in the USA.  Gone are the days of people fleeing the draft here and escaping to Canada.

I’d love to visit Canada.  That is on my bucket list of things to do that is daily getting bigger. Canada is a beautiful country.  I am not sure if I would want to live there but even if I did, I doubt that they would let me. Oh another thing if your sickly or have a long term disease they definitely won’t let you live there.  They don’t want to have to pay for your health care.

Maybe Canada is smarter than our government here…. how did that poem go on the statue of Liberty here at Ellis Island;

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

statue of liberty poem


Not sure if all this is accurate, but this is what I heard on the radio show today, and I found it quite interesting and thought I’d write at this ungodly hour of the morning when I should be sleeping.   By the way I am quiet happy with the outcome of the election.  If I go to Canada it will be for vacation!

All is not Lost

I heard the news today,

about destruction and devastation that came,

I came into this world with nothing,

and I  will leave here the same,

but people shall remember my name.

Floods may pour onto our land,

Fire may destroy all,

that was created with labored hands.

Mountains may crumble and fall,

and the seas may all dry,

but do not cry,

for we have not lost all,

No we have not lost all.

With our hearts that love,

we’ll build from the ruins,

and start over again,

No, we have not lost all

Our spirits may be broken,

by the devastation that surrounds us,

we must be audacious,

and get back up again.

The world may crumble and fall,

but we have not lost all,

No we have not lost all!

As long as we have a breath of life,

and a heart that loves,

and our loved one’s near,

we can be of good cheer.

for we have not lost all.

Take my hand,

I’ll lead you to the promised land.

We’ll build a new terrain,

from this vast wasteland.

We came to this world with nothing,

and we’ll surely leave the same,

but somehow they’ll remember our name.

In material things we cannot trust,

metals that melt and rust,

and jewels will tarnish in the rain.

The finest silk will rot,

love is all we got,

that won’t fade away.

For we have not lost all.

So, stand tall,

we shall never lose all,

Never, Never, will we lose all!l!Image

November Blue (c.) Copyright

November blue

Trace’s of winters chill near,

that surrounds me here.

I gaze at clouds that fill the sky,

like a hundred little islands passing by


Trees barren all around,

that still cling to life that abounds.

Traces of life with their colors fade,

of crimson, gold and jade


Birds perched on branches, bare

fly away without a care.

somehow they all know,

they can feel it in the air,

Soon will be winter’s snow.


Fly away little bird,

fly so far away today,

tomorrow you know,

will come winter’s snow.


Oh how I wish I could fly, I’d fly away

and fly so high, I’d  fly with them today

Oh so far away, far from everyone,

We’ll find the warmth of the sun,

On our journey across the sea.

Islands with a tropical breeze,

Fly, Oh fly away with me!



I’ll not come back until I see,

the sun shining for you and me,

and together we’ll fly free.


Fly away little bird,

fly so far away today,

tomorrow you know,

will come winter’s snow.


We’ll return once more,

from our sandy shores,

November blue!

Can you feel it too?


Dead leaves on the ground

No one hears the sad sound

of my heart that’s cold

like the wind that now blows


Love’s on hold,

until springs thaw brings cheer

with the glowing sun near.

Life again renewed,

Like the birds that flew

that return again and again.

But today,

I’ll just have to live in,

Shades of November blue