What magic spell

have you cast

on me

This enchantment

with a stranger

couldn’t be  real

how did I come to feel

so deeply

from the heart

for one

a stranger

what danger

lies to my heart

lest i start

to fall for him

My reasoning is distorted

of feelings that are sorted

by my heart

that says Yes

it’s real

what I feel

how could this be

this enchantment

this romancing

this  stranger

with me dancing

to the music

from an old fashioned

music box

playing an old tune

*Some enchanted evening*

I knew the song as a child

now I feel it

within me again

a fairy tale story

of magic

of enchantment

of princesses and kings

and magic golden rings

of Love

true love

with a stranger

there in lies

the danger

that could befall

the one that is enthralled

by the magic of it all

and there in lies

another fairy tale

from my imagination


Stellar wishes

Stellar wishes

as I gaze into the universe

I focus on the brightest star tonight

illuminating the sky so bright

so I close my eyes

and make a wish

as my thoughts trancends

floating in the dark midnight sky

no one knows but I

my wishes, my dreams my prayers

except some illuminating star

who may have the power

from his remote galaxy

to shine some love on me

for wishes and dreams

to come true

Cinderella today

 Why do I feel like Cinderella today

people are buzzing about the ball tonight

all the ladies will have on their finest dresses of linen and silk

dangling gold and siver trinkets  like on a christmass tree

dazzling everyone they see

everyone will be there except me

I in my rags of blue and dusty slippers

as I work late at night in my kitchen

I imagine I am there

but what shall I wear

where is that fairy godmother

when you need her

with her magic dust

to sprinkle on me


cinderella into a princess tonight

my pumkin into a coach of white

drawn by white horses so bright

as I waltz into the room with my dazzling gown

I become the talk of the town

my beautiful golden slippers

shimmering in the night

I await the prince

for the first dance

until midnight

when I must escape

and return to the land

where dreams turn to sand

Lost in the eternal sea

I awake floating on the eternal sea

as the tide rushes in and out furiously

on the sandy white shores waves crashing

Fearless, I swim against the tide

No one here by my side

but some small creatures

emerging from the sea

making friends with me

they too fear not though they are small

they survive somehow through it all

less they be eaten by a fish

the fish eaten by the whale

and with a great white shark in view

I bid them all adieu

Survival is all we ask

luxuries are a thing of the past

at this moment in time

God save us all!

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Flowing like a river stream

In what distant wilderness lies

I view with sleepy eyes

of green fields spread out for endless miles

My heart beating like the rhythm of the drums

as I inhale the freshness of the sweet morning air

in the warmth of the  rising sun

I feel your presence everywhere

Your spirit flows with the wind

above the billowy clouds

where your voice transcends

I can faintly hear your voice

if  I but listen close

for close to me, you will always be

like the flowing river stream

within me

as I set sails to sail on the endless seas

where the spirit of our love will always be

calling me .

by Gina Marie Clay (c.) copyright 2011