Wellsprings NEW SONG by Nigel Spencer 2013

http://www.reverbnation.com/nigelspencermusic/song/19299360-wellsprings-new-2013   check out my latest collaboration on this song with Nigel Spencer’s beautiful music!!!   I am so proud to have been a part of this song as I wrote the lyrics.  This is the fifth song now that I have written lyrics for.   I love writing lyrics for songs.  it’s such a wonderful feeling to listen to the finished product and to realize that I have been a part in a creation of wonderful music!!!!


Heart Chords (C.) Copyright 2013 by Giovanna Sclafani


Heart Chords

I want to live in your song

And linger on every line

And savor each chord divine

That plays so softly

On my heart strings

I want to live in your song

with all the beauty it brings

That touches my heart so gently

Like your silken touch on the keys


As I linger on every note you play

I inhale every breath

On each and every rest

And in every word that you say


As the music resounds

And touches my soul

My heart is beating like the drums

That I hear in your song

And the guitar you sweetly strum


I savor every word that I hear

As you sing your song so dear

The sad chords that make me bleed

As I shed many a lonely tear

As the chorus rises with power and might

That gets me through the long and lonely night


As I cross the bridge my heart soars

Like the crashing waves on the shore

That flow now within me in this melody


I want to live in your song and never depart

On each chord brings such beauty

That resides now in my heart

In every note that you breathe

I feel such love and tenderness

I long to live in your song

And never ever leave


As I linger on each chord

And savor it’s beauty

That makes my heart sing

As you play your strings

And the mellow sounds of bass

My pain it does erase


Oh how I long to reside in your song

And never leave this place

It’s like heaven’s embrace

And is where I want to be

To live in your song for eternity

Sad Chords Goodbye (2012) by Nigel Spencer and Giovanna Sclafani

http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/15604575?1336410755    It’s and honor and privilege to have been asked to write the lyrics for the beautiful music of Nigel Spencer,  This song is the result of our recent collaboration and I am so happy and pleased at the results.  Nigel was greatly influenced by the music of the Moody Blues and it shows in his wonderful music. Please check out all of his music on reverbnation. He has made many albums over the years and his music is outstanding and needs to be heard and appreciated by the whole world…. This song Sad Chords Goodbye brings tears to my eyes much like Nights in White Satin does to me.  



 THE DAY THE MUSIC SAVED MY LIFE (c.) Copyright 2010

(dedicated to the moody blues)

Standing in the shadows of darkness,

Like the poor souls who are deaf and blind,

I crept into the darkness that day,

Fingertips leading the way!

There is light everywhere,

Though I see nothing!

There is music and laughter all around,

But I don’t hear a sound!

Searching for the light,

I stumble in fright.

Unable to feel my way,

Out of the dark I fall,

For I felt nothing at all!

Out of nowhere,

Music appeared.

The veil was lifting once again,

As I started to listen.

My heart sang for joy!

The light was slowly peeking,

Through the dark shade,

As my emptiness started to fade.

Eyes wide open, I could now see,

My ears beheld a symphony!

My heart danced in rhythm,

My limbs no longer numb,

For I could feel again!

To celestial music, I now listen!

Sorrow flew away,

And was gone,

From the miracle of song.

No more sorrow or strife,

The Day the Music saved my Life!