THE ONE (c.) Copyright 2013 Giovanna Sclafani

So you think you have found the one
The one that makes your head spin
To be your beginning and end
Your heart is pounding like drums
Every time you speak
Your body becomes weak
And you tremble when he is near
Panic comes over you
And you get an overwhelming fear
You just can’t let go
Afraid to fall
So afraid that you will fall
So far down
That you’ll never get up again
As you go crashing down
So far down
To the ground

Please tell me that you’ll catch me
Should I fall?
And not break me
Or my heart
And that’s a start
You just don’t know
You have no idea
Of how deep I feel
It’s so unreal
Like deja vu
You get it too

I felt our souls collide
The moment we met
Like some sort of Kismet
Love that lived before
Has returned once more

I am gutted
And can’t think
I can’t sleep
Can’t eat
I fear
When you are near
That you won’t care
My heart sinks
But continue to think
Of how wonderful it could be
For you and me

Oh how wonderful
It would be
To be entwined
Your heart and mind
Just like old times
From long ago
I really think so.

Tell me true
Don’t you long for it too?
It’s like Deja Vu
You know it’s true
You cannot run and hide
Love will capsize and energize
A love that never dies
Has come back to haunt us
Then taunts us
In its revelry
Of what could be

Soul Mates
‘Tis our fate
You cannot fight,
You just cannot fight
It will take you down
And toss you around
Again and again
And torment your mind
Until you finally resign
You have to admit
What you are feeling
And let it in
then it can begin,
Let the light in once more
From the one that you adore.
Lovers forevermore.

by Giovanna Sclafani   copyright 2013Image