A Great Day for an Epiphany.

 Great Day for an Epiphany
By Giovanna Sclafani (c.) Copyright 2013

Meditating on my life today,
I cried out to the spirits above,
And poured out my heart and soul
To the gods now I start to pray.

A revelation to me has occurred;
It came to me while wide awake,
Everything else was just a blur,
I purged my soul for my own sake.

All of my life flashed before me,
I asked forgiveness for all my mistakes.
And I had quite a few you better believe
But of everything in my life that I’ve seen;
The worst thing was to see, mom in her state,
It was just more than I could take.

I told mom, to just let go….
Let your spirit flow….
She is hanging on to life,
But is at the end of her rope.
I believe that her mere existence,
Is from her own resistance.

I thought I was going mad
I felt so very sad,
Talking to myself out loud,
Crying to the gods,
Then I got mad.
But, I arose from my tear stained shroud.
And walked like a zombie,out of my sadness.

I sorted out all of the rubbish in my life,
And came to this simple conclusion,
That everything that I endured,
And every trial and tribulation,
Now, seems to me,just like an illusion.
which helped me, As I awake,
and walk forward into the light,
that guides me to all things for my sake.

For everything,there was a reason.
I listen now to the spirits when they call.
Don’t be your own worst enemy of treason.
The lesson is to love yourself most of all.
There is a time for our purpose, and then we’ll see
Just look within for the answers of what you can be.

Finally I realize so many truths
I heard the voice telling me so.
I have learned to love myself
And the inner voices that tell me;
That Now I am finally free!

Today was a great day for an Epiphany
And yes, it did occur,
If I were to tell it all; you may not believe,
The Past is over and is like a blur,
I let it go and set it free; it’s like a windswept leaf.
But it’s made me a better person for it all,
And I still listen to the spirits when they call.Image


Where Love has flown (c,) Copyright Oct.12,2012

Where love has flown

‘Golden and silver light flashing across the sky

Red sunsets and pale moon, love that never dies’


In the dark blue haze of twilight,

Shadows dancing across the sky!

Birds flying high, far from sight,

Images of him flash before my eyes!


In the dim light,

Birds are flying high,

Touching the sky.

Where have they gone?

Have they heard heavens song?



Dawn brings the golden sunlight shining.

Blue birds singing nearby me,

As I gaze in the clear blue skies,

A vision of him again flashes,

Before my eyes!

Where has he gone?

Has he heard heavens song?


Memories of love from days of past,

Love meant to last.

Where has love flown?

Has it heard heaven’s song?



Don’t send me away…. (a fetus cries)

Don’t  send me away

Mom, I heard you talking today,

You and daddy want to send me away.

I just got here,

Did you think I wouldn’t hear?

How do you think I feel?

That you don’t want me.

I let out a silent cry

You couldn’t hear me

I need comforting

And to feel you close to me

I can hear your heartbeat

Can you hear mine?

It may be tiny, but it’s beating loud

Don’t wrap me in a shroud

Why don’t you give me a chance?

To live and breathe and dance,

You won’t be sorry I came

You’ll see when I am born

You will know my name.

I don’t want to go!

I don’t want to go!

I’ll be lonely in heaven,

Waiting there for you.

The angels will rock me,

And sing me a lullaby,

But I will always cry,

When I look down at you,

And miss you.

Can you hear me cry?

I don’t want to go!

I don’t want to go!

Don’t make me go!

Mom and Dad,

Please don’t send me away!

I can only pray.

I need to be loved!

I was sent from heaven above,

To bring you love!