Does anyone really care? RIP to DeShon 7-26-96—–2-4-13 A victim of a drive by shooting

You gotta walk son
but you better run
someone’s got a gun

Talk to me
Tell me why
The angel’s have to cry
it’s just not fair
Why did he have to die

Nothing’s fair
Does anyone really care?
The authorities
just want to solve a mystery
but a child lies dead
A terrible trajedy

There was no reason
A nightmare come true
His best friend now dead
Had his whole life still ahead
Just trying to get home from school
He didn’t break any golden rules

God tell me why?
His poor family cries
His best friend my son
His head is a mess
He was there
Does anyone really care?
Another child gone
but life still goes on

And I still wonder
Does anyone really care
As I listen to the thunder
The rain comes pouring down
But Life goes on and on
but for one boy it’s gone
from one stupid act
And that’s a fact

God tell us it’s not true
It’s too sad
it’s so bad
it’s so very bad
He won’t be back
He won’t be going to school
He won’t have life
It’s not fair
but does anyone really care?

My tears come flowing down
but no one can hear the sound
Of the heart breaking loud
and an angel is flying in the clouds
As the morning brings the new dawn
But now he’s gone
Goodbye Dear De Shon

In loving memory of De Shon a son, a brother, a best friend, now an Angel  the died to soon and was robbed of his life by one stupid act of violence.  He is sadly missed by his family and friends especially by my son…. his best friend.Image


Austin Perfect (a five year old perfect Angel now)

Austin Perfect

(This poem is dedicated to Austin who was five years old and the son of my daughter’s boyfriend who just passed away after being sick with a brain tumor for most of his life. His Dad always said he was perfect even though he had a defect. They gave him a print of his footprints after he died three days ago. My daughter asked me to write a poem for his Dad to somehow give him comfort and to be read for the funeral.  This poem made me cry myself as I was writing it.  I never knew the little boy, but I cannot even imagine how horrible it must feel to lose a child. It made me realize that my problems that I thought I had are Very Small in comparison!  For Little Ausin;)


A perfect child was born

The day that Austin came to me

God lent me an angel for a while

To always make me smile

Some said that he had a defect

But when I looked at him

I only saw a child that was perfect

Even though he suffered so

His smile never left his face

As he longed for an embrace

Somehow he knew

That he was only here for a while

To make us all smile

Now he suffers no more.

He is cradled in God’s embrace,

And the angel’s sing him a lullaby.

He now has a joyful smile on his face,

Though I’ll miss him, I know,

That somehow I’ll see him one day,

As I kneel down to pray,

The tears come falling down.

I thought I heard him say,

Daddy don’t cry.

I didn’t die.

I will always be here with you.

I am your guardian angel walking besides you.

My footprints will be there too,

And always on your heart!

by Giovanna Sclafani Jan.23,2013  Copyright 2013