From the pits of hell I arise


I took a journey on the dark side

and found myself in the pits of hell

with no where to hide

in the bottomless pit I fell

with no warning or sign

I stumbled into his web

lured by the feast offered

and the prize was fed

little did I know the price I’d pay

for being in this hell where i was led

Seaching for an escape

from this complicated maze

I’m wandering like a cat without a head

not knowing which way to be led

I cry out for help from the depths of my misery

with no compassionate soul to hear me

I pray for the gods to help me

they seemed to be sleeping

I am so lost

filled with terror

of never finding home again

for what was my sin

Awake Oh Gods above

lead me out of this abyss

to a land of milk…

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All is not Lost

I heard the news today,

about destruction and devastation that came,

I came into this world with nothing,

and I  will leave here the same,

but people shall remember my name.

Floods may pour onto our land,

Fire may destroy all,

that was created with labored hands.

Mountains may crumble and fall,

and the seas may all dry,

but do not cry,

for we have not lost all,

No we have not lost all.

With our hearts that love,

we’ll build from the ruins,

and start over again,

No, we have not lost all

Our spirits may be broken,

by the devastation that surrounds us,

we must be audacious,

and get back up again.

The world may crumble and fall,

but we have not lost all,

No we have not lost all!

As long as we have a breath of life,

and a heart that loves,

and our loved one’s near,

we can be of good cheer.

for we have not lost all.

Take my hand,

I’ll lead you to the promised land.

We’ll build a new terrain,

from this vast wasteland.

We came to this world with nothing,

and we’ll surely leave the same,

but somehow they’ll remember our name.

In material things we cannot trust,

metals that melt and rust,

and jewels will tarnish in the rain.

The finest silk will rot,

love is all we got,

that won’t fade away.

For we have not lost all.

So, stand tall,

we shall never lose all,

Never, Never, will we lose all!l!Image