A purple Rose from an angel!

Well anyone that knows me would know that I love the color purple. I love all shades of Purple and have even written a poem about it. Purple is a mysterious color and is the color for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and is the color of royalty from ancient times. Priests also wear this color to signify the passion of Christ and repentance.

I just love the color and that’s really all it is.  But I am a spiritual person who believes in spiritual and supernatural experiences that I have had myself. That is another story well sort of.

I had been having a terrible day recently and everything seemed to be going wrong that day. I had terrible pain in my leg from a burn wound that I had obtained right before New Years and a second degree burn which are very painful and slow to heal. My burn is on my leg and was the size of the palm of your hand;a large hand.  I was so exhausted and pain ridden and by the end of the day, I was ready to fall into my bed soon when my grandson found a silken purple rose in the living room. I told him”where did that come from” ?  He said that he didn’t know but found it there. I asked if it belonged to his mom and if she left it here. He said no, it’s not hers. I was perplexed at this and asked my grandson to follow me with the rose into my bedroom and I’d show him why. On my dresser, in a vase was an identical real rose that was wilted and dried.  Only this new rose that he found was silk and had a white colored stem and leaves.  When he placed it in the vase along side of the other purple rose, it wilted down exactly like my other real purple rose… My grandson said ‘Look it’s doing the same thing as the other rose’

Now for most people they would say Oh well, it’s a coincident but for me it was like an angel sent me a ‘hug’ that i needed after having a horrible day. Silly? You say?  Maybe! But  since I do love purple and I adore roses, it made me happy!  And for me, that day, it meant everything.  I felt like it was a hug from an angel… I believe in the supernatural but therein lies a long story for later.Image


Heart Chords (C.) Copyright 2013 by Giovanna Sclafani


Heart Chords

I want to live in your song

And linger on every line

And savor each chord divine

That plays so softly

On my heart strings

I want to live in your song

with all the beauty it brings

That touches my heart so gently

Like your silken touch on the keys


As I linger on every note you play

I inhale every breath

On each and every rest

And in every word that you say


As the music resounds

And touches my soul

My heart is beating like the drums

That I hear in your song

And the guitar you sweetly strum


I savor every word that I hear

As you sing your song so dear

The sad chords that make me bleed

As I shed many a lonely tear

As the chorus rises with power and might

That gets me through the long and lonely night


As I cross the bridge my heart soars

Like the crashing waves on the shore

That flow now within me in this melody


I want to live in your song and never depart

On each chord brings such beauty

That resides now in my heart

In every note that you breathe

I feel such love and tenderness

I long to live in your song

And never ever leave


As I linger on each chord

And savor it’s beauty

That makes my heart sing

As you play your strings

And the mellow sounds of bass

My pain it does erase


Oh how I long to reside in your song

And never leave this place

It’s like heaven’s embrace

And is where I want to be

To live in your song for eternity

All is not Lost

I heard the news today,

about destruction and devastation that came,

I came into this world with nothing,

and I  will leave here the same,

but people shall remember my name.

Floods may pour onto our land,

Fire may destroy all,

that was created with labored hands.

Mountains may crumble and fall,

and the seas may all dry,

but do not cry,

for we have not lost all,

No we have not lost all.

With our hearts that love,

we’ll build from the ruins,

and start over again,

No, we have not lost all

Our spirits may be broken,

by the devastation that surrounds us,

we must be audacious,

and get back up again.

The world may crumble and fall,

but we have not lost all,

No we have not lost all!

As long as we have a breath of life,

and a heart that loves,

and our loved one’s near,

we can be of good cheer.

for we have not lost all.

Take my hand,

I’ll lead you to the promised land.

We’ll build a new terrain,

from this vast wasteland.

We came to this world with nothing,

and we’ll surely leave the same,

but somehow they’ll remember our name.

In material things we cannot trust,

metals that melt and rust,

and jewels will tarnish in the rain.

The finest silk will rot,

love is all we got,

that won’t fade away.

For we have not lost all.

So, stand tall,

we shall never lose all,

Never, Never, will we lose all!l!Image