A Great Day for an Epiphany.


 Great Day for an Epiphany
By Giovanna Sclafani (c.) Copyright 2013

Meditating on my life today,
I cried out to the spirits above,
And poured out my heart and soul
To the gods now I start to pray.

A revelation to me has occurred;
It came to me while wide awake,
Everything else was just a blur,
I purged my soul for my own sake.

All of my life flashed before me,
I asked forgiveness for all my mistakes.
And I had quite a few you better believe
But of everything in my life that I’ve seen;
The worst thing was to see, mom in her state,
It was just more than I could take.

I told mom, to just let go….
Let your spirit flow….
She is hanging on to life,
But is at the end of her rope.
I believe that her mere existence,
Is from her own…

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Leave it all behind (c.)2013 Giovanna Sclafani

181627_485426341530442_1743186754_nLeave it all behind
Lost in time
Lost in space
Lost in this place
Called the human race.It’s a dog eat dog world
With our ego’s all intact
And our heads in a swirl
And that’s a fact

Good versus Evil
Who will win the race?
And cross the finish line first,
Pushing and shoving money in their face
Greed is the driving thirst.

So you’ve won,
Before they’ve begun.
You’ve won the grand prize,
A stack of money green.
But love you’ve never seen.
So you run and hide.
In your island in the sun,
While the jealous one’s chide,
Your life has just begun.

Can your wealth bring love?
Can you really know this is true?
Leave it all behind when you die,
For the reapers are never shy
To steal it all away
Hurdled in corners dark
Waiting to get their part
While you lay in a cold dark tomb
They will spend your wealth
With sins done in stealth.

And your cold body now shivers,
To the naked bones where you lie,
On the day that you die
You’ll leave it all behind
Never mind to worry
Never you mind
You’ll have to leave it all behind.

by Giovanna Sclafani (c.)2013

Photo: Leave it all behind</p><br />
<p>Lost in time<br /><br />
Lost in space<br /><br />
Lost in this place<br /><br />
Called the human race.</p><br />
<p>It's a dog eat dog world<br /><br />
With our ego's all intact<br /><br />
And our heads in a swirl<br /><br />
And that’s a fact</p><br />
<p>Good versus Evil<br /><br />
Who will win the race?<br /><br />
And cross the finish line first,<br /><br />
Pushing and shoving money in their face<br /><br />
Greed is the driving thirst.</p><br />
<p>So you've won,<br /><br />
Before they've begun.<br /><br />
You've won the grand prize,<br /><br />
A stack of money green.<br /><br />
But love you've never seen.<br /><br />
So you run and hide.<br /><br />
In your island in the sun,<br /><br />
While the jealous one's chide,<br /><br />
Your life has just begun.</p><br />
<p>Can your wealth bring love?<br /><br />
Can you really know this is true?<br /><br />
Leave it all behind when you die,<br /><br />
For the reapers are never shy<br /><br />
To steal it all away<br /><br />
Hurdled in corners dark<br /><br />
Waiting to get their part<br /><br />
While you lay in a cold dark tomb<br /><br />
They will spend your wealth<br /><br />
With sins done in stealth.</p><br />
<p>And your cold body now shivers,<br /><br />
To the naked bones where you lie,<br /><br />
On the day that you die<br /><br />
You’ll leave it all behind<br /><br />
Never mind to worry<br /><br />
Never you mind<br /><br />
You’ll have to leave it all behind.</p><br />
<p>by Giovanna Sclafani (c.)2013

I can’t take it anymore,the Holidays that is!

   Everyone is running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off

They’re trying to find the best deals at the mall,

Instead of being Thankful for what we had

they’re running around mad


Black Friday?

What a name!

Is this world going insane,

They’ll be pushing and shoving at the mall

trying to get the deals before them all.


Now I hope that I am not sounding like a scrooge

Baah Humbug to all the Christmass cheer

It’s not that at all

I remember a time,

when Christmass wasn’t measured in presents,

Today the kids want the pricey gifts

just look at their lists,

they’re a mile long

I pads, I phones, computers, games

designer clothes and it goes on and on.


I just can’t take it anymore

I’m waiting for the mail

you won’t see me in the store

after Thanksgiving

I’ll order online

and be fine


I need to move to a place,

where people are happy to have anything

a good meal would suffice

for the Holidays

and a surprize for the little one’s

in their sock on Christmass morn


I just can’t take it anymore

Does anyone care about the real meaning of Christmass?

Peace and Love for one

for our fellow man.