A Great Day for an Epiphany.


 Great Day for an Epiphany
By Giovanna Sclafani (c.) Copyright 2013

Meditating on my life today,
I cried out to the spirits above,
And poured out my heart and soul
To the gods now I start to pray.

A revelation to me has occurred;
It came to me while wide awake,
Everything else was just a blur,
I purged my soul for my own sake.

All of my life flashed before me,
I asked forgiveness for all my mistakes.
And I had quite a few you better believe
But of everything in my life that I’ve seen;
The worst thing was to see, mom in her state,
It was just more than I could take.

I told mom, to just let go….
Let your spirit flow….
She is hanging on to life,
But is at the end of her rope.
I believe that her mere existence,
Is from her own…

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A purple Rose from an angel!

Well anyone that knows me would know that I love the color purple. I love all shades of Purple and have even written a poem about it. Purple is a mysterious color and is the color for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and is the color of royalty from ancient times. Priests also wear this color to signify the passion of Christ and repentance.

I just love the color and that’s really all it is.  But I am a spiritual person who believes in spiritual and supernatural experiences that I have had myself. That is another story well sort of.

I had been having a terrible day recently and everything seemed to be going wrong that day. I had terrible pain in my leg from a burn wound that I had obtained right before New Years and a second degree burn which are very painful and slow to heal. My burn is on my leg and was the size of the palm of your hand;a large hand.  I was so exhausted and pain ridden and by the end of the day, I was ready to fall into my bed soon when my grandson found a silken purple rose in the living room. I told him”where did that come from” ?  He said that he didn’t know but found it there. I asked if it belonged to his mom and if she left it here. He said no, it’s not hers. I was perplexed at this and asked my grandson to follow me with the rose into my bedroom and I’d show him why. On my dresser, in a vase was an identical real rose that was wilted and dried.  Only this new rose that he found was silk and had a white colored stem and leaves.  When he placed it in the vase along side of the other purple rose, it wilted down exactly like my other real purple rose… My grandson said ‘Look it’s doing the same thing as the other rose’

Now for most people they would say Oh well, it’s a coincident but for me it was like an angel sent me a ‘hug’ that i needed after having a horrible day. Silly? You say?  Maybe! But  since I do love purple and I adore roses, it made me happy!  And for me, that day, it meant everything.  I felt like it was a hug from an angel… I believe in the supernatural but therein lies a long story for later.Image

Fly into the dawn Copyright 2012 (c.)

270714_1801841615130_1512531919_31356007_4210203_nThe blinding light awakens me in dawn
peeking through my open window

The grass is glistening with morning dew

My feet feel it’s refreshing raindrops new

As I tread softly on it’s emerald bed

The beauty of the new day fills my head

I twirl and dance and sing in the light of the sun

Freedom feels so free in the morning breeze

The birds sing a sweet sound to me

I pick a rose for you and chase away the bees

Love is in the air

As I fly without a care

Here, there and everywhere

My feet never touching the ground

As I fly, as I fly, so high

My heart sings a joyful sound

As I soar across the sky

Birds that flock together and fly free

I saw in a vision a hundred birds in flight,

right before I fell asleep at night,

eye lids closed,

I fall into a mystical land,

of dreams and visions.

I awake and am late

so I hurry on my way.

I see the flock of birds again,

with eyes wide open,

what could it mean,

they scattered right in front of me,

like deja vu,

I somehow knew,

that it must be a sign of sorts,

like a piece to a puzzle,

that I have yet to solve.

Today I cried

I heard an old song

that brought back memories

from my youth that died.

Mama, Mama

I miss you

you miss me

one day we’ll be free

like the birds that flew by me.Image