The center of your universe



You with your arrogant airs

you think you are special

that you know it all

they say Pride comes before the fall

you practiced well,your lines and verses

You are the center of your universe

all the world revolves around you

All your esoteric ideas and views

you tried to prove that you knew

like Copernicus of  days of olde

that you  have discovered

the center of the universe

but within you it seems to lie

you have seen the light

so you say

but that light is flickering

from all your hot air

and pretentious ways

in every thing you say

You are a king

a  supernatural being

with supernatural  powers

to make the world turn

and revolve around you

around and  around

’till all you hear is the sound

of your own voice saying

I am special

and in the mirror

the image you are portraying

you alone, your best…

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