A Great Day for an Epiphany.

 Great Day for an Epiphany
By Giovanna Sclafani (c.) Copyright 2013

Meditating on my life today,
I cried out to the spirits above,
And poured out my heart and soul
To the gods now I start to pray.

A revelation to me has occurred;
It came to me while wide awake,
Everything else was just a blur,
I purged my soul for my own sake.

All of my life flashed before me,
I asked forgiveness for all my mistakes.
And I had quite a few you better believe
But of everything in my life that I’ve seen;
The worst thing was to see, mom in her state,
It was just more than I could take.

I told mom, to just let go….
Let your spirit flow….
She is hanging on to life,
But is at the end of her rope.
I believe that her mere existence,
Is from her own resistance.

I thought I was going mad
I felt so very sad,
Talking to myself out loud,
Crying to the gods,
Then I got mad.
But, I arose from my tear stained shroud.
And walked like a zombie,out of my sadness.

I sorted out all of the rubbish in my life,
And came to this simple conclusion,
That everything that I endured,
And every trial and tribulation,
Now, seems to me,just like an illusion.
which helped me, As I awake,
and walk forward into the light,
that guides me to all things for my sake.

For everything,there was a reason.
I listen now to the spirits when they call.
Don’t be your own worst enemy of treason.
The lesson is to love yourself most of all.
There is a time for our purpose, and then we’ll see
Just look within for the answers of what you can be.

Finally I realize so many truths
I heard the voice telling me so.
I have learned to love myself
And the inner voices that tell me;
That Now I am finally free!

Today was a great day for an Epiphany
And yes, it did occur,
If I were to tell it all; you may not believe,
The Past is over and is like a blur,
I let it go and set it free; it’s like a windswept leaf.
But it’s made me a better person for it all,
And I still listen to the spirits when they call.Image


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