Out of Body (c.)2013 Giovanna Sclafani

ImageOut of Body (c.) Copyright 2013

by Giovanna Sclafani

Woke up today and I was flying
Looking down below,
At my mortal body sleeping
In a moment fleeting
Not knowing where I’d go.

Floating, soaring, boundless in the sky above
While flying in some astral plane
Overwhelmed by an all encompassing feeling of love,
All the while, wondering, how is it that I came.

Trying to find my way by the stars,
Gazing at the beauty of the islands in the sun,
In a moment, somehow I’d traveled so far.
I feel an over powering feeling of love for someone,
It was such a quintessential and pure love I sensed.
A powerful love that sent lightning bolts to my senses,
That flooded my soul with feelings so immense.

As my spirit started to glide into the universe,
I must have seen God’s aura shining bright,
it was like seeing a glimpse of heaven on earth.
Basking in his blinding and intense love light,
My soul now takes flight,
And once again I am soaring in the sky
Guided by this bright love light
That I found in you.

Back to earth
Back to my mortal body
I awake refreshed,
Still high on this agape love,
Our spirits had meshed
While my soul took flight in the night,
I drank from the crystal clear mountain springs,
And ate the ambrosia that was laid before me
I had a glimpse of quintessential love, 
In a land where we lived in before,
So very long ago.

Come with me once again,
To our valley of love,
That belonged to you and me,
And together we shall see,
All its love and beauty.
We’ll drink of the crystal clear waters,
That time has now changed to wine,
Now we can find a love so sublime
That was once yours and mine


3 thoughts on “Out of Body (c.)2013 Giovanna Sclafani

  1. Reblogged this on giovanna and commented:

    I have had these OOB experiences and they occur spontaneously and not ad lib. the thing I most remembered about it was a feeling of abundant and powerful love that I had never felt in my life when I was surrounded by this bright blinding light. Agape love.

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