Spirits of Hope (c.) by Giovanna Sclafani Copyright 2013

A message of hope. I heard this message today from a tiny voice within and felt an urgency to share this today as I feel that someone including me needed to hear this.


il_570xN.340623051SPIRITS OF HOPE
Voices of spirits from another dimension,
Speak softly to me with a message of hope today,
The dark ominous clouds surrounding you for so long,
Now they disperse and fade so far away.
An bright aura of blinding light surrounds you now,
that wards off opaque and dark shadows near,
Showers you now with love and beauty somehow,
This cool sweet rain of love erases all your fears
.Soon a Rainbow of love and hope will abound,
with all it’s splendid colors that dazzle now your eyes,
The treasures that you seek now can be found.
with abundance of joy you’ll find wings to fly
.As you fly above the clouds so high,
then you swerve down below then glide,
A voice tells you to soar back up into to the sky,
where peace and love in abundance abides
.The black clouds have now dispersed from one

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