I never knew I could fly (c.) by Giovanna Sclafani

Revised version…


I long to fly above my sorrows
with white wings flailed
Searching for my new tomorrows
Above the clouds I’ll sail
I tell myself I cannot fail

Perched on the snow capped mountains
that melt into aqua skies
I gaze upon many glorious fountains
that dazzle now my eyes

Oh fly away little white bird
fly so far away today
fly so far away today
just spread your wings and sail away
Now you know that it’s true,
you always had the power within you

I gaze at the world below in wonder,
at the glorious scenery that goes on for miles,
Suddenly I hear the roaring thunder,
That makes me shiver and then I smile

I look at the world in awe and beauty,
from the mountain tops I can see,
In a moment I take a leap,
from this mountains so high,
spreading my wings,
I find that…

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