I love this poem…. I wrote it last November and it still feels like a cold November Day here today…..


November blue

Trace’s of winters chill near,

that surrounds me here.

I gaze at clouds that fill the sky,

like a hundred little islands passing by


Trees barren all around,

that still cling to life that abounds.

Traces of life with their colors fade,

of crimson, gold and jade


Birds perched on branches, bare

fly away without a care.

somehow they all know,

they can feel it in the air,

Soon will be winter’s snow.


Fly away little bird,

fly so far away today,

tomorrow you know,

will come winter’s snow.


Oh how I wish I could fly, I’d fly away

and fly so high, I’d  fly with them today

Oh so far away, far from everyone,

We’ll find the warmth of the sun,

On our journey across the sea.

Islands with a tropical breeze,

Fly, Oh fly away with me!



I’ll not come back until…

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