The wonderful Full moon and me

548665_507020659309197_559942420_nThere is a gorgeous full moon out tonight. I noticed it two nights ago and last night it was more beautiful than ever.  I wonder if that is why I am feeling extra emotional or melancholy. I wrote two very heart wrenching poems today and poured out my soul into them. I don’t know why I felt sadder than usual.  And everything was getting on my nerves.  Why was the sound of my son pacing the floor back and forth this morning annoying me so much, I don’t know. My daughter was sipping her coffee loudly then all of a sudden I raised my voice and said ‘How much more coffee do you have left anyway?  And No it’s not PMS….. I’m way past that at my age or am I? It’s just called something else now….. We always make excuses for our grumpy days.  I run out of excuses.  Now I just say…. ‘It’s a full Moon”  haha


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