From a poet to a lyricist. What a grand feeling to help write a song!

I thought that the best thing that I ever did was to publish a poetry book until I collaborated on a song with my good friend Nigel Spencer.  It wasn’t any harder than writing poetry except I had to count syllables on each line much like a Haiku in poetry only set to music.

It was easy to write to Nigel’s great and beautiful music. He sent me the music and I listened to it over and over until I got the feel for what the lyrics should be. At first I had ‘writer’s block’ as I kept pouring over all of my poetry lyrics and trying to see if any fit with the syllables in the tune. Finally,I got tired and decided to sleep on it and maybe I would come up with some lyrics tomorrow.  Well, I have found out that it’s hard for me to contrive poetry, the words have to come to me in the form of inspiration or soul searching or from another dimension or spiritual world. I know that sounds crazy but it does seem to be a mystery sometimes at how I arrive with lyrics to my poetry. I read my finished poems sometimes and wonder where it all came from. And other times, I read my poetry and think to myself that I am terrible.. I have insecurity issues, I believe. But this particular day, I woke up and I kid you not, the lyrics were resounding in my head…. I couldn’t believe it, and within fifteen minutes I wrote words to a song.  Now the lyrics are not so profound as my poetry is sometimes but I find songwriting can be more restrictive to creativity depending on the syllables allowed.  I wish that I could write music, then   I would just write my own lyrics to go with my music.  

I am very pleased and happy how this song came out and I tell you this song made me cry!  And from the beginning ,as soon as I heard the music, even without words, I knew it was going to be a sad love song thus came the title ‘Sad Chords, Goodbye” and I thank Nigel Spencer for writing such beautiful music.  He sprinkled his magic dust on this song and made a beautiful arrangement that is so special to me. I was so overwhelmed when I heard this finished song for the first time, that I felt warm tears of joy flowing from my eyes.  I love his musical and vocal interpretation of my lyrics! It was perfect in every way for me!

I hope to be writing more song lyrics soon and to be collaborating on some spoken word poetry with another musician friend of mine. I am so excited on the doors that are opening to me since my book publication. Of course, these musicians were already good friends of mine before. 

Now I’d love to share this song again by Nigel Spencer and me.  


Hope you enjoy. I just had to share my story here.


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