The End? Today has been a super day for me!

Just as I imagined, the Mayans were wrong! Today has been a beautiful day here. The weather has been unseasonably warm and the sun has been shining bright all day. The earth couldn’t be more alive. The number 21 has always been a lucky number for me in so many ways. Three is my lucky number as well as seven and nine.  Seven time three is twenty one and Three time Three is nine.  I was born on the third day of June. I am Gemini with my moon in Taurus (which is ruled by the planet Venus) My Venus is in Cancer and my ascendant is Gemini and Aquarius is my MC.   What does all this matter,you might say?  Well in the scheme of the Universe, it means nothing but for me as an individual, I can only say that today is a lucky day for me and I have had a super day. So if the world were to end today then at least I had one more beautiful day on this earth to remember. But we all know it’s not the end but only the beginning. I believe that the best is yet to come. Age doesn’t matter to me anymore.  I am realizing my dreams in the Autumn of my life. It’s never to late to find your rainbows. My rainbow is a spectacular light show in the sky right now and gets brighter everyday!Image


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