You can’t see me (sad song)

You turned away

and were gone

taking with you my song


you couldn’t stay

‘Cause you’re not free

what does it matter

What does it matter to me

well it just means everything

everything to me


I hope you’d stay

but you’re not free

now there’s nothing left

nothing left for me

because you can’t see

No you just can’t see me


I wrote you a note

I know that you knew

that I had high hopes

but hopes can’t survive

without you near

If only you could hear

my heart cry

a love so true

like you really knew


Now I’m feeling blue,

Oh so blue, without you.

Oh do you ever give me a thought,

late at night.

Do you ever think of what could be,

If only you could stay,

Oh how beautiful it would be.

It would be like a dream come true,

Oh what a dream!

what a dream for me and you,

it would be like heaven,

But we can’t be in heaven now.

we’ll just have to wait somehow,

for heaven!november-sunset-on-the-gulf-2


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