Where Love has flown (c,) Copyright Oct.12,2012

Where love has flown

‘Golden and silver light flashing across the sky

Red sunsets and pale moon, love that never dies’


In the dark blue haze of twilight,

Shadows dancing across the sky!

Birds flying high, far from sight,

Images of him flash before my eyes!


In the dim light,

Birds are flying high,

Touching the sky.

Where have they gone?

Have they heard heavens song?



Dawn brings the golden sunlight shining.

Blue birds singing nearby me,

As I gaze in the clear blue skies,

A vision of him again flashes,

Before my eyes!

Where has he gone?

Has he heard heavens song?


Memories of love from days of past,

Love meant to last.

Where has love flown?

Has it heard heaven’s song?



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