THE DAY THE MUSIC SAVED MY LIFE (c.) Copyright 2010

(dedicated to the moody blues)

Standing in the shadows of darkness,

Like the poor souls who are deaf and blind,

I crept into the darkness that day,

Fingertips leading the way!

There is light everywhere,

Though I see nothing!

There is music and laughter all around,

But I don’t hear a sound!

Searching for the light,

I stumble in fright.

Unable to feel my way,

Out of the dark I fall,

For I felt nothing at all!

Out of nowhere,

Music appeared.

The veil was lifting once again,

As I started to listen.

My heart sang for joy!

The light was slowly peeking,

Through the dark shade,

As my emptiness started to fade.

Eyes wide open, I could now see,

My ears beheld a symphony!

My heart danced in rhythm,

My limbs no longer numb,

For I could feel again!

To celestial music, I now listen!

Sorrow flew away,

And was gone,

From the miracle of song.

No more sorrow or strife,

The Day the Music saved my Life!



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