Fly into the dawn Copyright 2012 (c.)

270714_1801841615130_1512531919_31356007_4210203_nThe blinding light awakens me in dawn
peeking through my open window

The grass is glistening with morning dew

My feet feel it’s refreshing raindrops new

As I tread softly on it’s emerald bed

The beauty of the new day fills my head

I twirl and dance and sing in the light of the sun

Freedom feels so free in the morning breeze

The birds sing a sweet sound to me

I pick a rose for you and chase away the bees

Love is in the air

As I fly without a care

Here, there and everywhere

My feet never touching the ground

As I fly, as I fly, so high

My heart sings a joyful sound

As I soar across the sky


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