The Calm after the storm *Copyright 2012 by Giovanna Clay-Ochoa

There is a storm brewing within me,

Feelings flowing on the waves of the sea,

that are rippling and crashing within me,

That are as deep as the ocean and emerge from it’s floor,

Polluted by the bitter algae there.

Why should I care?

When I can just brush it off and be rid of it!

But it sticks to me like glue,

This feeling like the ocean blue.

Should I purge this toxin from within?

Feelings that sting, like needles and pins.

Will my soul not be battered by this?

If I could only erase the memory of the kiss,

The one of Judas that betrayed me,

I’ll emerge from my stormy sea,

That crashes on my stormy shores,

Where they’ll see me nevermore.

The calm that comes before and after the storm,

Like my soul reborn.

Returns once more.Image


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