I can’t take it anymore,the Holidays that is!

   Everyone is running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off

They’re trying to find the best deals at the mall,

Instead of being Thankful for what we had

they’re running around mad


Black Friday?

What a name!

Is this world going insane,

They’ll be pushing and shoving at the mall

trying to get the deals before them all.


Now I hope that I am not sounding like a scrooge

Baah Humbug to all the Christmass cheer

It’s not that at all

I remember a time,

when Christmass wasn’t measured in presents,

Today the kids want the pricey gifts

just look at their lists,

they’re a mile long

I pads, I phones, computers, games

designer clothes and it goes on and on.


I just can’t take it anymore

I’m waiting for the mail

you won’t see me in the store

after Thanksgiving

I’ll order online

and be fine


I need to move to a place,

where people are happy to have anything

a good meal would suffice

for the Holidays

and a surprize for the little one’s

in their sock on Christmass morn


I just can’t take it anymore

Does anyone care about the real meaning of Christmass?

Peace and Love for one

for our fellow man.


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