Illusion of love

Is love but an illusion

a breakage in a infusion

of two hearts

that merged as one

when the story had begun

Were we blinded by the passion

or the attraction we felt

your kisses were so sweet

I knelt at your feet

for you touched my heart

like a silken cloth on my skin

when the story begins

oh how we would talk away the hours

never to tire

our hearts on fire

making love ’till dawn

our words of love like candy sweet

savoring in our mind

long after they were gone

Entwined in your arms

you sang to me

your sweet love song

all night long

Another chapter begins

you started acting cold

refused my warm blanket

on your skin

few words were spoken

for what was my sin

my heart left broken

was our love an illusion

that is my conclusion

to this sad love story

which there is no glory

Is love but an illusion

that fades into the night

like a dream that ends

before it can begin

I needed your love

but you tossed it to the wind

now love is flying

my heart is crying

How can this be?

Did I not see

the shadows flying past me

illusions of love

dancing on the walls

did I know nothing at all

of love that’s true

all my dreams are broken

the words that were spoken

are like dust in the wind

I love you still…………………

as I loved you then

but was it all an illusion


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