What magic spell

have you cast

on me

This enchantment

with a stranger

couldn’t be  real

how did I come to feel

so deeply

from the heart

for one

a stranger

what danger

lies to my heart

lest i start

to fall for him

My reasoning is distorted

of feelings that are sorted

by my heart

that says Yes

it’s real

what I feel

how could this be

this enchantment

this romancing

this  stranger

with me dancing

to the music

from an old fashioned

music box

playing an old tune

*Some enchanted evening*

I knew the song as a child

now I feel it

within me again

a fairy tale story

of magic

of enchantment

of princesses and kings

and magic golden rings

of Love

true love

with a stranger

there in lies

the danger

that could befall

the one that is enthralled

by the magic of it all

and there in lies

another fairy tale

from my imagination