Cinderella today

 Why do I feel like Cinderella today

people are buzzing about the ball tonight

all the ladies will have on their finest dresses of linen and silk

dangling gold and siver trinkets  like on a christmass tree

dazzling everyone they see

everyone will be there except me

I in my rags of blue and dusty slippers

as I work late at night in my kitchen

I imagine I am there

but what shall I wear

where is that fairy godmother

when you need her

with her magic dust

to sprinkle on me


cinderella into a princess tonight

my pumkin into a coach of white

drawn by white horses so bright

as I waltz into the room with my dazzling gown

I become the talk of the town

my beautiful golden slippers

shimmering in the night

I await the prince

for the first dance

until midnight

when I must escape

and return to the land

where dreams turn to sand

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