The Last Dream by ginamarieclay (c.) copyright 2010


The last dream I wish to see

climbing golden stairs

toward the illuminating stars

guiding me to celestial heavens


as I approach the ornate golden gates

entralled i see my parents of late

waving at me  with tears of joy

How,I have missed them so

I see more familiar faces

of those Ive known that left without traces


I embrace a porcelain faced cherub

 she calls me mother

as i recall the day

my angel went away

not ready to be born that day

incredible  as it may be

I should have known

she was looking over me

all the while

with her sweet angelic smile


What a joyous dream

heaven is more than it seems

for I have had a glimpse of it’s glory

and theres much more to the story

 to revel in it’s beauty and splendor

one day this dream will come true

when our breath becomes still

and our spirits rise to places heavenly

from here to eternity 

copyright o6-2010 ginamarieclay


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