Noah’s ark

 As in the days of Noah

two of a kind

paired together

can be saved

they say three is a crowd

two is twice the fun

and one is a lonely one

if one and one equals two

then why can’t two be true

for two hearts equal one

the math seems all wrong

what’s wrong with three

is all the world against me?

three will be left out in the cold

with no one to have and to hold

it is said

after three days

fish and company stinks

it makes you think

and I was born on day 3

an odd number

for an odd world

as in the days of Noah

2 thoughts on “Noah’s ark

  1. thanks bish My daughter was always fascinated with Noah’s arch when she was young. she loved anything of Noah’s arch, toys or figurines etc.. for some reason I was thinking about Noah’s arch related to the pairing of two’s today i never know why I think of the things I do. It just comes to me somehow lol!

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