It’s up to you now

my wonderful mom 2009

This is a true story about my father
my first encounter with the supernatural
Father of mine
 you came home to die
 as you wished
you laughed in a sarcastic way
when they brought you home that day
when mom said honey, you're home
for you must have known
you would be leaving soon
you tried to fight it dad
the cancer was so bad
you gave it all you had
you fought the good fight
though tired and sad
you tried to be strong
for mom and us
the nurse gave you a liquid
to ease your pain
magic morphine
you never woke up again
I heard you crying through the night
awake, yet asleep
Morning came and all was silent
as i had tea with mom
in your favorite chair
I saw you fly past me
above me, in the air
for a brief second
i saw your face
with a translucent body
without arms or feet
as you looked hurried
and worried
"It's up to you now"
I heard you say
in your familiar voice
then you went away
then,in your room I found
your cold lifeless body
no respirations, no sound
I knew at that moment
your spirit had flown
I should have known
 and you were right Dad
It is up to me now
and It was to come true
I took care of mom for you
like you asked me to
and I still do!
I love you
I miss you dad!

3 thoughts on “It’s up to you now

  1. Your heartfelt poem gave me chills and moved me to tears. Your dad would be very proud and I’m sure he’d find your words quite touching.

  2. Thank you Carolyn, I relived this day a million times in my mind and it is always painful to remember seeing my dad die, but writing this helped me somehow, and now instead of telling people what happened all i have to do is let them read this poem. And I hope Dad is pleased that I carried on his wishes wherever he may be right now!

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