The day the music saved my life

copyright(c.) September 2010

Standing in the shadows of darkness

like the poor souls who are deaf and blind

I crept into the darkness that day

fingertips leading the way

There is light everywhere

though I see nothing

there is music and laughter all around

but I don’t hear a sound

Searching for the light

I stumble in fright

unable to feel my way

out of the dark I fall

for I felt nothing at all

Out of nowhere

music appeared

the veil was lifting once again

I started to listen

my heart sang for joy

The light was slowly peeking

throuh the dark shade

as my emptiness started to fade

eyes wide open,I could now see

my ears beheld a symphony

my heart danced in rhythm

my limbs no longer numb

for I could feel again

to celestial music I listen

Sorrow flew away

and was gone

from the miracle of song

no more sorrow or strife

the day the music saved my life


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