Strange Familiar

 copyright (c.) 2011

Familiar faces

seen as

silhouletted  traces

shadows flying

through ebony starless skies

I see through the disguise

of the painted ceramic mask

you wear to  disguise

all the twisted lies

flying ghosts at night

distorted figures

in my mind’s eye

and in dreams

real they seem

yet they speak not

they hear not

they are not

they are translucent

strange yet familiar

they speak not the truth

they speak no lies

they speak half truths

and half lies

what remains

is nothing i recognise

for my ears are mute

my vision obscured

by feathery alabaster clouds

floating across my mind

I am numb,frozen in time

I hear nothing

I feel nothing

strange yet familiar

I know not of this stranger

words spoken in vain

become elusive to me now

blowing away in the wind

whispers for no one to listen

words spoken in the night

vanish in the light of day

Lies, Lies, Lies

from dusk to sunrise

your mask was cracked

I can see traces of truth

between the edges

i see through the disguise

your mask now cracked wide open

I see no truth

i see no lies

in your eyes

I see nothing

I see no one I know

I see  a strange familiar


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